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Santorini Special
Santorini Wedding Events

impress the guests and people back home with a unforgettable entrance to your Santorini Wedding

Bridal Helicopter Transfers

It is very popular but rare that a bride arrives at her wedding into a helicopter, Here we make that possible and at low costs!

Some Wedding venues and reception venues here in Santorini have their own private Helipad, For events such as VIP arrivals like Brides, Politicians and Famous people. A Helicopter entrance is always something that will be talked about in the aftermaths of the event and it is worth the try, Some of these Venues are Pyrgos Restaurant, A 5 Star luxury restaurant mainly for events which is located in Pyrgos Village, And Santo Wines Winery wedding venue, Also located Near Pyrgos.

Pyrgos Restaurant

Other than hospitality and friendliness, Luxurious Service is their #1 priority.

Pyrgos Restaurant offers an amazing panoramic view of the whole island; And of course their own helipad, You can see in the picture below. After the arrival of the bride, She is taken to the restaurant with a Donkey. That is always an interesting and cute details before the toast.

Proposals & Helicopters

Experiences we've had with proposals.

One time there was this guy who wanted to propose to his girlfriend here in Santorini and he thought of something extremely different, He rented a Yacht for a Day and Hired us to be part in his Proposal. While he was in the Caldera right in front of the Volcano and they were both relaxing outside at the deck of the yacht, We flew over the Yacht and droped 1000 Roses over them, The girl said Yes of course and it was a perfect sunset. Santorini is a romantic island from all points of view, Taking your loved one to a ride into a Helicopter is nothing they will take for granted.

Helipads of Santorini

A Luxury Hotel in the heart of Megalochori, A Resort with a private Helipad
An other Luxury hotel over looking the Caldera of Megalochori with a private Helipad
The begining of Oia has a Helipad from which you can depart for your helicopter tour.