Frequently Asked Questions

Can the helicopter pick us up from our Hotel in Santorini?
Depends! A lot of hotels in Santorini and othe venues have their own Heliports / Helipads. The Restaurant of Pyrgos, Vedema Hotel and Thermes for example. The Helicopter can land there or take off from there.
Do I need travel insurance?
All passengers (as well the luggage) are insured according to articles 6 and 7 and 7.1 of Regulation (EC) No. 785/2004.
Can infants and Children Fly?
Yes of course. Any infant under three (3) years of age is very welcome to fly on the lap of an adult secured by an infant seatbelt extension. Any child over three (3) years of age requires his own seat.
Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?
Absolutely. If there are included or optional activities that you don’t wish to participate in, you can do your own thing instead. The exception to this is when we are trekking or travelling from one destination to the next. Please note that if you choose to opt out of an included activity, no reimbursement can be made by us.
Do you offer a discount for children?
It is the number of seats that the group occupies rather than the age we are looking at, A Child will need it's own seat, Therefore will not be any discount for him/her.
What items are not allowed on the Helicopter?
– explosives, ammunitions, fireworks, flares, pistols, caps, guns, etc. – bags or briefcases with installed alarm devices; – compresses gases, flammable, non-flammable poisonous etc – flammable solids and liquids (lighter fuel, matches, paints, paint thinners, fire lighters etc); – radioactive materials; – poisonous and infectious substances; – corrosives (acids, alkalis, mercury, wet cell batteries etc); – oxidizing materials; – magnetized material or material offensive or irritating material The carriage of medicine and cosmetics in limited quantities necessary for the passengers during the flight is allowed. The above list of dangerous materials is not exhaustive. In case of doubt, the Charterer shall request clarifications from the Air Carrier
Is it ok if we delay a little bit?
The time mentioned on the confirmation is the TAKE OFF TIME. If your flight starts from outside an Airport you are obliged to be at the helicopter at least 10 minutes before take off time. If your flight starts from an Airport you are obliged to be at the Airport at least 20 minutes before take off time. Due to the tight schedule (especially during summer) you need to be on time! In case of no-show-up on time the rights for the flight expire and there is no further right of a refund or any compensation.
Where will we meet you?
Actually we will meet you, our driver will meet you at the specified meeting point that we agreed through emails if required and will drive you to our helicopter in Santorini
Will our Flight last the time we've booked?
Yes! Most operators start to calculate the flight time from start up the engine until shut down the engine. (Called block-time) This takes on avarage around 10 minutes so a 30 minutes tour would be effectively 20 minutes flying time. If you book a tour with us you can be sure that the flight time is calculated from take-off until landing!
What are the Payment methods you accept?
The payment can be done by transfer to our bank account or Credit Card (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, American Express, JCB, V pay, VISA Electron).
What is the lastest we can book a Helicopter Flight?
The soonest you can fly after booking is 3 hours before, Once we give you availability and we receive your payment we can fly the same day.
Can we bring the amount in Cash?
Just like any airplane flights We require a full prepayment to reserve your Santorini Tour or Island Helicopter Transfer.