A Brief description of each requirement

Just a deep and further explanation about our requirements and the reasons just to be clear with everything.
In case you are coming from an other place other than Santorini to the island, and are planning to travel to an other island or you have a helicopter tour in Santorini, It would be helpful for us to know your flight number so that we can be checking about delays and updates from the airplane company.
A Helicopter is not a vehicle with much space, Therefore some buggages might not fit in the Helicopter, Please provide us the number of Luggages, The Sizes and their Weight, Also for safety reasons.
The email you would like us to sent you the invoice about your Helicopter Ride from Santorini.
Just like any Airplane Flights, In order to book a Helicopter Flight we need a full-prepayment. Once we receive your payment we will sent you an official confirmation about your Flight.
We require all passengers' Names and Actual weight (The weight part is for safety reasons.)
All you need to do is come with a mood for an adventure and you will have the adventure you are looking for! Helicopter Flights are always fascinations to our guests.

Book easily, Just like 1, 2, 3.

  1. Let us know what you are looking for.
  2. Send the payment with the agreed price.
  3. Meet our driver at the meeting point discussed in the emails so he can drive you to our helicopter.

Why us

Simply because we are the best on the island.

What makes our company the greatest is the fact that we have a high quality and variety of services and also an excellent level of professionalism, by offering one of the most luxurious, safest, fastest ways of traveling around not only the island of Santorini but All over Greece, Our Team is not only a highly experienced bunch of Mechanics, Pilots and Staff but also people who love their job which means outstanding maintenance facilities and great precision outcome in everything we do, that guarantee not only the safety of your flight but also an enjoyable journey over impressive landscapes.